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Safety Statement





Monaleen Cancer Support Group Fun/Run is an annual event that is run under permit from the Garda Siochana. The fun/run will start at the GAA Clubhouse and finish also at the GAA Clubhouse over a 5/10k course. All participants first register either online or at the MONALEEN GAA Club Pavilion whereupon they receive their official running number.


The route consists of : Start/ Finish at Monaleen GAA Clubhouse Gates, Intersection of Monaleen Park and Schoolhouse road, right to sandville cross, left to roundabout at flyover, left to Shanbally Roundabout, left to Glenside roundabout, turn left into Public Park, around Park, ( note the 5k Run/Walk skips  the park) left to Monaleen Road, at this point the 5k walk then turns laft and returns to GAA Clubhouse, the 10k walk/run turns right to the junction of Monaleen Road and Dublin Road. Left to junction at corner of Ulster Bank, right to junction of Golf Links Road and Castletroy Heights, left to junction of Golf Links Road and Shoolhouse road, left to Monaleen GAA Clubhouse the finish.




  1. Runners are primarily responsible for their own safety and take part in the Fun/Run at their own risk.


  1. Not withstanding the above every reasonable effort will be employed to ensure the safety of participants and this safety Statement is designed to ensure this.


  1. Runners must register on the day and be issued with numbers and sign an entry list in order to participate in the race event.


  1. Runners must be aware that the race is run over a public road, may involve steep ascents and descents, and the route can be in close proximity to traffic.


  1. All runners must report to the finish marshal whether they complete the full race route or not. If you do not cross the finish line at the end of a race you must confirm that you are safe with the Finish Marshal or any official. Do not leave a race location before confirming that you are safe.


  1. The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry in a race to any individual.


  1. Runners/participants are required to obey instructions issued by marshals.


Monaleen Cancer Support Group Fun/Run attracts runners with a wide range of ability and experience. Those who are unfit, inexperienced or unfamiliar with road running combined with potentially changeable weather conditions are at greatest risk of personal harm. However, anyone participating in a race can have an accident, the consequences of which may be serious. The safety of all runners must be treated as a priority. This document sets out provisions in respect of Safety.


The committee is responsible for making sure that the race is as safe as it can be. The committee will ensure that the nature of the race and the rules relating to safety are communicated to the runners, and that if an incident does occur, arrangements are in place so that help is directed to the needful party quickly.


Monaleen Cancer Support Group holds Public Liability insurance to indemnify the organisation against legal liability for damages in respect of accidental injury to any person and accidental loss of or damage to material property which arises in connection with the annual Fun/Run.



Race Officials/Marshals/ Stewards will be stationed at all junctions along the route


  1. a) Those involved in the organisation of the race are reasonably experienced and familiar with the sport of running, some are retired Garda Siochana.


  1. b) Where possible, marshals should have the use of a mobile phone while getting into position and during a race. The marshal should have phone contact with the coordinating marshals the start/finish area.


  1. a) All runners must be registered and will be required to sign a registration form. Runners are required to declare on the form that they have no physical or medical condition which would inhibit them from the sport of running.


  1. b) To enter the race, runners must provide the required details on an official race sign-on sheet. No runner will be allowed to start a race until he has recorded his entry on the official race sign-on sheet. The runner’s signature on this sheet is the formal indication that he is aware of the general running safety information, their obligations and requirements, and all details pertaining to the specific race.



The Gardai / Local Authority supply cones, this shall be respected and obeyed by all.



This is limited to a number that the race organisers can monitor and control so as not to  create an undue risk of accidents to runners because of overcrowding. Youths from 13 years to 16 are allowed to run in the race.



To ensure runners are fully informed and can make a choice about their own capabilities to partake, the following information about the event is provided on the website and at the start of each race:

  • Distance ; Race Route.



The organisers will highlight any part of the route where care will be required by runners to follow the correct route.


  1. Should weather conditions be of such severity as to endanger runners, the race may be abandoned, curtailed or an alternative route used. The main factor in making such a judgement must be the safety of the runners.
  2. The Committee has an overarching responsibility to make decisions in this regard.


  1. a) When a race starts the number of runners starting the race must be recorded on the sign-on sheet.

If a runner sees someone in trouble: HELP, even if it costs them the race. If a runner strays off the route significantly the onus is on him to contact the organisers as quickly as possible on the emergency number.


  1. If a runner retires it is imperative that he reports to the finish marshal or an official as soon as possible before they leave the area. If a runner does not report in person this can lead to confusion and uncertainty about the whereabouts and safety of the runner.


When a race has finished all runners must be accounted for by the finish marshal.

If a runner cannot be accounted for the organisers must decide on a course of action which will depend largely on the specific circumstances e.g. weather, time of day, experience level of runner. Generally those involved in organising the race will be able to locate the missing runner. Ultimately the official rescue services should be engaged if considered warranted.



Marshals and runners shall be issued with contact number.

If an Incident occurs an Incident Report Form as per Appendix, must be completed.



To address safety requirements, the organizing committee should ensure that the following equipment is available at the start of the race:

Mobile phones or two-way radio for start and marshals,

Map of the area with race route and access points (for rescue services) marked.



An ambulance will at all times and available to runners on the route. The Red Cross is engaged to provide all aspects of medical assistance to the Fun/Run. Their ambulance is equipped with all emergency response equipment such as stretchers, Crutches and walking sticks Defibrillator First aid kits etc.



At least three water staions shall be provided on the route including at the Finish.



Qualified personnel shall be engaged to operate all such equipment.



Conduct a sweep of the course. Searchers should go out in pairs, with a means of contact between them and the Race Director/Chief Marshal. The Race Director should stay in the finish area – he should not take part in the search. There here should be an agreed time to call off the search.


Note : If a decision is made to call GARDAI, the following guidelines should be followed: Provide the Emergency Call Centre with your name; the exact race registration location; your mobile phone number and a mobile phone number for a second contact; and the name of the missing runner. GARDAI (112 or 999).



Incident Report Form INCIDENT REPORT FORM (must be completed on the day of the incident) to contain the following information:



Name of casualty:                         Time of incident:                    Location of incident:


Description of incident: (Describe what occurred and injuries sustained):




Weather conditions:

Description of action taken: (Details of actions – in chronological order – include approximate times)

Signed:                                          Date:                           Time:


Agreed:                                         Date:                           Time:

(Report must be agreed by a second person, familiar with the details of the accident):


Review comments:

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