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Volunteer, Get involved, All the ways to support us

MCSG - What we do

As a local voluntary body, Monaleen Cancer Support Group is totally dependent for it’s continued existence and capacity to carry out it’s work on local volunteers.


This requirement is both for a functioning committee to organise, guide and oversee the workings of the group, and also volunteers to help provide the personal assistance which is the mainstay and reason for the organisation and also assist in the running of events.


MCSG Volunteer

Everyone can have a role to play, even if this is simply to spread the news of an event or to inform people of MCSG to people who may require the assistance of the group.
The commitments involved for volunteers generally are light, involving some volunteers involved in practical assistance to those touched by cancer, some volunteers marshalling at the Fun/Run, some helping to get this event running smoothly on the day of the event, some involved in refreshment preparation for events and such.

Get Involved

Were people to commit to some level of participation, limited to that which they feel comfortable with, it would make all the tasks easier for all involved. It would also allow for some expansion of the services provided.


As a local organisation, it also allows a mechanism for people to participate in the community, to get to know neighbours and influence the quality of life for all in the neighbourhood.


All the ways to support us

The main way a person or family can support the work of the committee is to participate in the annual Fun/Run.


There are many other ways to help out such as:


  • Letting people know of the existence of Monaleen Cancer Support Group. People may not be aware.
  • Approaching a committee member if you consider you have some contribution to make.
  • Approaching a member of the committee if you know of someone who might benefit by our assistance.
  • Helping out in some aspect even by way of a once off facilitation of expertise or such.

Please use the form below or contact the secretary , or indeed any of the committee if you would like to be associated with the group’s efforts.


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    For further information (in complete confidence), please contact our secretary at 087 211 3394 or click on the button below to fill in our contact form.
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